Curls & Potions Growth & Restore Shampoo

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Elevate your hair care routine with Curls & Potions’ Growth & Restore Shampoo, infused with Ayurvedic-inspired Aritha to strengthen, cleanse, and promote balanced, vibrant hair.

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Unlock the potential for strengthened, conditioned, detoxified, and flourishing hair with Curls & Potions’ Growth & Restore Shampoo. Harnessing the age-old insights of Ayurveda, this sulfate-free shampoo features Aritha, commonly known as “reetha,” a soapnut renowned for scalp cleansing and imparting natural sheen. Reetha’s properties extend to reducing dandruff and hair fall, fostering a harmonious balance for the mind, body, and spirit.


Curls & Potions

Curls & Potions is a multi-cultural brand that focuses on promoting hair health and scalp care.


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